Construction excellence requires a certain type of culture. The people who love construction must be – at all times – disciplined, yet innovative; ambitious, but focused; and skilled, while continually learning. There is no greater achievement than delivering a client’s project and exceeding their expectations in quality, value and beauty. You have to love construction to be excellent at it.

At FS 360, we thoroughly enjoy what we do. We are passionate about the construction business. We have become a trusted general contractor with multiple industrial clients in the aviation, manufacturing, consumer goods and power & energy markets. There are many reasons for our company’s growth. The primary reason is that every FS 360 employee truly enjoys the work they do and appreciates the clients they serve.

Our company promotes a service culture. This is a critical aspect of FS 360’s philosophy. We listen to our clients and offer solutions that solve their problems. We understand that timely, direct and effective communications with all parties eliminates most concerns before they become problems. Every project creates a strategic opportunity to build lasting relationships with our clients and industry partners.

Moreover, we undertake our work with the highest degree of integrity we can muster. “We mean what we say, and say what we mean.” It’s an over-used phrase, however, it is appropriate for how we do business. At FS 360, we deliver on our commitments to our clients, employees and partners. Even still, we realize that we are under constant evaluation. With over 95% of our business being with repeat clients, the trust we have earned translates into credibility.

In construction, it takes teamwork to be a successful . Clients. Engineers. Architects. Estimators. Inspectors. Sureties. Banks. Vendors. Suppliers. Project Managers. Superintendents. Foreman. Finishers. Laborers. It takes the entire team, and we value every professional’s role in the process.

FS 360’s future is bright. Our client list is growing, our capabilities are increasing and our geographic reach is expanding. As we continue to grow, FS 360 is committed to remaining entrepreneurial. By doing so, we will continue to provide innovative industrial construction solutions for our clients and the markets we serve.