Case Studies

General Contracting: Building Industrial Solutions

The production facility was running out of space and needed a solution without expanding the building. The client requested a fully scoped project plan, to include plans, materials, schedules and construction.

FS 360 engineered, designed and constructed an industrial mezzanine solution, that included imbedded modular offices. We conducted multiple client interviews to ascertain the anticipated usage to determine the required loads and structural design requirements for the structure. In addition, FS 360 investigated all materials alternatives to identify the best solution. The outcome of our scope of work was a unit based pricing methodology that the client used to budget installation of multiple structures throughout the facility. Finally, our work included managing the entire construction project until completion.
Self-Performance: Compressed schedule, overcoming the elements.

The client required a substantial amount of concrete be demolished and placed during the winter months under a compressed timeline. The project also required a redesign during construction due to inconsistent pavement thicknesses throughout the area.

FS 360 developed a flexible schedule coordinated with the client, suppliers and team for an on-demand delivery schedule that took into account inclement weather. FS 360 collaborated on the mid-project redesign with the client and engineers to ensure all parties bought into the solution. Substantially all of the construction was self-performed, with the project completed on time, even in the midst of inclement weather causing some schedule interruptions.
Facilities Maintenance: Multi-year construction services

The client sought a general contractor to undertake multiple industrial/manufacturing maintenance and renovation construction projects on a contractual basis.

FS 360 developed a plan and scope that included a pre-negotiated pricing methodology that provided cost and delivery certainty for the customer. The plan streamlined the budgeting and approval process for the client. Our discussions ended with FS 360 entering into a five-year contract for construction services.
Engineering/Design: Multi-phase renovation project.

Our client required a turnkey EPC solution (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) for renovation of two industrial kitchens facilities, to include complete loading dock demolition and rebuild, as well as refrigerated food prep areas. In addition, commercial operations could not be interrupted during the company’s “busy season”.

FS 360 developed the plan, scope and schedule for renovating the kitchen facilities, with no disruption of workflow and operations. FS 360 managed the six-month project, delivering the work in accordance with the schedule and budget. The food preparation areas went through a thorough process before being turned over to the client: Assembled, tested and unassembled prior to delivery; shipped, re-assembled and re-tested at the facility.
Turnkey Interior Renovation

A client’s industrial facility needed to remodel several thousand square feet of interior office, training, meeting and restroom space that affected nearly five thousand people every day. However, the client did not have the time or resources to commit to the design aspect of the project. FS 360 completed the scope and design phase of the project, in addition to all construction project work.

FS 360 developed and executed the project plan, to include recommending design options, researching the materials alternatives, acquiring all materials and self-performing the entire construction process. This project included negotiating a proprietary design and pricing of fixtures with a national provider. As a result of our efforts, FS 360 was able to create a unit priced methodology that the client was able to implement to forecast and budget several million dollars of future facility interior renovations that will be undertaken over the next several months.