FS 360’s services are tailored to support large clients that own, maintain or lease substantial amounts of industrial Corporate Real Estate (CRE), quite often in very secure environments. We understand that these buildings and facilities have a life cycle ranging from concept, to construction and continual maintenance. Many times massive renovations and process enhancements are required for older facilities, for any number of reasons. Whatever the phase or challenge, FS 360 will deliver!

FS 360 provides specific engineering and construction solutions for each phase of a facility’s life cycle. We are a proven partner in this field, currently providing support for many Fortune 500 clients and several million square feet of corporate and industrial space. By doing so, we create increased value and bottom line results for our clients by delivering on their needs.

General Contractor

As General Contractor, our clients gain a trusted business partner invested in their success. FS 360 understands how to execute projects that are not only safe, on time and on budget, but also enhance workflow, productivity and efficiency in a CRE environment, for industrial and manufacturing facilities. Whether it is Negotiated Contract or open bid, FS 360 will deliver for you.

• Project Engineering
• Job Costing and Estimation
• Schedule Control
• Subcontractor and Materials Management
• Change Management
• Field Engineering
• Safety & Quality Assurance
• Project Accounting

Facilities Maintenance

Industrial operations require constant repair and maintenance. Manufacturing facilities have to deliver ever increasing productivity, year after year. Distribution warehouses always need more space, with improved logistics to increase efficiency. Whether it is a small repair or a major renovation, FS 360 is a proven contractor for delivering facilities maintenance solutions.

• Project Scoping
• Estimation & Budgets
• Schedule Control
• Project Execution
• Self Performance

Construction Management

FS 360 can perform as the Owner’s Agent or undertake the project as Manager At-Risk. In either case, we will execute the project with the highest possible level of integrity. Our overriding goal is to exceed all expectations for building or renovating your facility. We will do that by employing a thorough approach in the following areas:

Time. Meeting a construction schedule is a basic general contractor requirement. However, contractors often do not deliver projects on time for a variety of unnecessary reasons. We ask the right questions in the beginning of the project to ensure that engineering and design considerations are understood by all parties. FS 360 will ensure that all parties are “on the same page” concerning project benchmarks, schedule and delivery.

Cost. No one likes construction surprises, especially when it comes to changes that increase a project’s expense. FS 360 carries out the necessary due diligence before submitting a proposal to minimize the chances of cost overruns. However, sometimes unanticipated changes or surprises do occur. That is the nature of construction. When it does, FS 360 will effectively communicate the issue and a course of action to get the project back on track.

Quality. Every owner wants a project that is finished on time and under budget. At FS 360, we do not cut corners; we strive for excellence. We want the owner to be proud of our work and happy they selected our company as their construction partner.


The key to any successful project is conducting the proper due diligence prior to beginning the work. This is even more critical in an industrial, manufacturing or distribution facility. At FS 360, the right questions are asked to ensure we engineer the best possible construction plan, to include identifying alternatives that might speed delivery, improve execution, enhance safety and reduce expense. Our Pre-Construction methodology is thorough and a key component of FS 360's overall general contractor process. Let our Pre-Construction services get your construction project off in the right direction.

• Project Scope Development
• Engineering, Documentation and Plans
• Materials Management & Product Alternatives
• Budgets & Financial Analysis
• Self-Performance
• Subcontractor Selection

Equipment Relocation

FS 360 provides construction and facilities maintenance services primarily to the industrial and manufacturing markets. In many instances, we have engineered solutions that involve the disassembly and reassembly of plant equipment and machinery. We work with our customers to understand their objectives and help them in planning the work, managing the equipment moves and reassembling the equipment for production.

FS 360 provides the following equipment and machinery relocation services:

• Project Planning and Coordination
• Scheduling
• Budget Development
• Project Supervision
• Equipment Disassembly & Reassembly
• Design & Installation of new Electric, Plumbing & Pneumatic Controls
• Final Installation Inspection
• Production Startup