Construction Management

FS 360 can perform as the Owner’s Agent or undertake the project as Manager At-Risk. In either case, we will execute the project with the highest possible level of integrity. Our overriding goal is to exceed all expectations for building or renovating your facility. We will do that by employing a thorough approach in the following areas:

Time. Meeting a construction schedule is a basic general contractor requirement. However, contractors often do not deliver projects on time for a variety of unnecessary reasons. We ask the right questions in the beginning of the project to ensure that engineering and design considerations are understood by all parties. FS 360 will ensure that all parties are “on the same page” concerning project benchmarks, schedule and delivery.

Cost. No one likes construction surprises, especially when it comes to changes that increase a project’s expense. FS 360 carries out the necessary due diligence before submitting a proposal to minimize the chances of cost overruns. However, sometimes unanticipated changes or surprises do occur. That is the nature of construction. When it does, FS 360 will effectively communicate the issue and a course of action to get the project back on track.

Quality. Every owner wants a project that is finished on time and under budget. At FS 360, we do not cut corners; we strive for excellence. We want the owner to be proud of our work and happy they selected our company as their construction partner.